My 18 Favorite Free Tools to Help You Get Through Coronavirus

by | Apr 14, 2020 | Entrepreneurship, SBA

A few days ago I saw this wonderful article at and I wanted to pass along a few of the tools that I like the best. What started out as 65 Free Tools To Help… has now become an article with 111 free tools and I am sure this will be growing daily. Check out some of my favorites that we use in our business and I’d love to see your favorites in the comments either here, or on facebooklinkedin, or wherever you access this story.

I have separated these by category and these are just the ones that I use, make sure to check out the entire article to see if you can software or solutions that you would prefer:


ZoomFree video conferencing tools for K-12 schools.

GoogleFree, premium version of its workplace video chat tool until July, to help businesses and schools working remotely due to coronavirus. Those features include having up to 250 participants per call, live streaming for up to 100,000 viewers within a domain, and the ability to record meetings and save them to Google Drive.

Slack: Free upgrades to paid plans for teams working on coronavirus pandemic research, response, or mitigation. Interested teams can email a special address to get this set up, and a consultation on how best to get started with remote collaboration.

Slack has always been a great way to communicate online across teams, employees, companies and social groups. However, now more than ever with remote workers proliferating the planet, slack can be an amazing way to stay connected, share information, have it stored for later access and integrate the tool with so many of other technologies you use. A few that I integrate include (Google DriveGoogle Calendar ZapierTwitterAsanaHubspotGmailDropboxGiphyGoogle+ HangoutsEvernoteZoom)