Join The DEC Network for a panel all about Venture Capital and Funding during COVID-19. We ask Venture Capitalists and Investors all about what they are doing in COVID-19, how it has affected them and their strategies, and what to expect for some of the future investment trends in North Texas. 

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On this week’s Fridays Are For Founders, Trey Bowles and Delanie Majors from The DEC Network talk with Carl Dorvil, serial entrepreneur and Founder of Dog for Dog. Carl share about his entrepreneurial journey and how he has overcome the adversity personally and in his businesses.

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Expand your network with the tools you already use. Learn from 2X Emmy Award-Winner and DEC Network Ambassador, Leah Frazier, on how to optimize your LinkedIn. Topics include:

-Tips & Recommendations to grow and maximize your LinkedIn audience.

-Proven methods on how to 4x the amount of engagement you see on Facebook, Instagram and other platforms.

-Expert advice to truly target the decision-makers and have your profile stand out amongst the many.

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Fridays are for Founders Forum: Should you reopen your business?

In this Fridays are for Founders Virtual Forum, Trey Bowles and Delanie Majors from The DEC Network talk to American Restauranteur, Shannon Wynne. Wynne co-owns and operates restaurants in six states and 14 cities. If you’re from North Texas you may have heard of a few of his concepts such as the wildly popular Rodeo Goat, Meddlesome Moth, The Bird Cafe in Fort Worth, and many more. They  talk about the challenges Wynne’s restaurants have faced, how he’s dealt with it, and what he plans to do now that Governor Abbott has allowed restaurants in the state of Texas to open at 25% capacity.

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Fridays are for Founders Forum: Marketing and Social Media Best Practices During the Age of Coronavirus

In this Fridays are for Founders, Trey Bowles and Delanie Majors from The DEC Network talk with Marty Martinez, CEO and Founder of Social Revolt. They’ll discuss all things digital marketing and social media during the age of coronavirus. Some of the topics include strategies for social listening, how to use various social media channels at this time, how to spot trends, and what strategies may be best moving forward.

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Fridays are for Founders Forum: Crafting The Right Story For Your Business

In this Fridays are for Founders virtual forum, Trey Bowles from The DEC Network talks with Jamey Ice from 6th Ave Homes and 6th Avenue Storytelling, to discuss the importance of crafting and implementing the right story for your business, specifically, having the right “story” to share with your customers. They discuss the importance of this now more than ever with small businesses coming out of the age of COVID-19.                      

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The How of Business Podcast

This podcast episode provides an overview of the COVID-19 SBA and government information and resources for small businesses. Henry Lopez highlights and summarizes the loans and other programs to help your small business during the coronavirus crises.

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Foundr Magazine Webinar

Foundr Magazine CEO, Nathan Chan, sits down with business coach, Steve McLeod, to discuss what entrepreneurs should be doing right now with the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. 

Provided by Foundr Magazine

Marketing for Small Business Owners During a Pandemic Webinar

So COVID-19 has turned your world upside down, and that doesn’t exclude your original 2020 marketing strategy. Well, we’re here to help. During this webinar, thirty-year marketing veteran, Tracey Altman will walk you through five tips for marketing during a crisis including how you can use this time to test new strategies and technologies.

Provided by The DEC Network

Provided by The DEC Network 

Mark Cuban LinkedIn Forum

Last weekend, Mark Cuban hosted a forum on LinkedIn where he took questions from small business owners from across the country and provided advice on how to weather the storm and avoid layoffs and hourly reductions. Business owners can still use the platform to chat amongst each other, by sharing struggles and creative solutions. 

Provided by Mark Cuban

Switchbacks Podcast with Trey Bowles and Nick Kennedy

In this podcast episode, Trey Bowles and Nick Kennedy provide four key items that you need to have in order to help your business survive this season and be prepared to thrive in the next season. Listen to get some practical and immediate things you can do to help ensure your company successfully makes it through the crazy and uncertain world in the age of coronavirus.

Provided by Trey Bowles

The Lonely Entrepreneur Learning Community

The Lonely Entrepreneur is trying to help as many entrepreneurs as they can for free. They will be holding weekly Fireside Chat-style calls and weekly group coaching sessions for entrepreneurs going through difficulties right now, as well as free access to The Lonely Entrepreneur Learning Center, a one-stop shop for the knowledge, tools and support entrepreneurs need.

Provided by The Lonely Entrepreneur

DFW Connect Facebook Group

Developed by Marsi Hubbard of Brite Beauty, DFW Connect is a group of business owners, entrepreneurs, and self-employed individuals looking to share resources, information, and articles about business and industry, along with public policy, and news from thought leaders. This group will be a cumulative and collaborative place where business owners can share innovative ideas and information for sustainability and growth during this challenging time as we deal with coronavirus.

Provided by DFW Connect

Gary Vaynerchuck Video

As we navigate through this current landscape and uncharted waters amid coronavirus, a lot of businesses are going to find themselves in challenging situations. Gary Vaynerchuk, chairman of media and communications holding company VaynerX and active CEO of VaynerMedia, offers his ideas including the need for businesses to innovate at this time.

Provided by CNBC

National LGBT Chamber of Commerce Webinar

The National LGBT Chamber of Commerce welcomed over 800 NGLCC affiliate chambers and LGBT business owners to join Administrator Jovita Carranza of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) and her team on how to connect LGBT-owned small businesses with emergency capital and resources during COVID-19.

Provided by National LGBT Chamber of Commerce

Conversations With Dez featuring Anne Chow

Dez Blanchfield gets up-close and personal with Anne Chow, Chief Executive Officer at AT&T Business, to talk about AT&T’s response to the COVID-19 global pandemic. This amazing discussion covers the broad range of challenges organizations of all sizes are faced with throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, from core Business Continuity to Disaster Recovery, to supporting their staff and their own organizations from the core need to “keep the lights on” to continuing to operating and support their own customers as well.

Provided by AT&T

CLA (CliftonLarsonAllen) Webinar

In an unprecedented time for entrepreneurs due to COVID-19, sound financial management is paramount to weathering the storm. Keith Davidson, a startup and small-business focused fractional CFO from CLA (CliftonLarsonAllen), discusses key financial issues to consider during the COVID-19 pandemic, including navigating the new disaster loan programs (specifically, the PPP loan) and creating short-term cash strategies. This webinar provides a starting point to go on the offensive with your pandemic financial strategy.

Provided by CLA (CliftonLarsonAllen) and Common Desk

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Webinar

U.S. Chamber Foundation education and workforce leadership partnered with U.S. Chamber employment and small business policy leadership to discuss the implications of recently passed COVID-19 stimulus legislation on the workplace, small business, early childhood education, and K-12 education.

Provided by U.S. Chamber Foundation

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Coronavirus Live Blog

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has developed this live blog to provide important news and updates related to the coronavirus outbreak specifically for the business community. Check back daily for updates and find the latest guidance and resources on its coronavirus homepage.

Provided by U.S. Chamber of Commerce

National Small Business Town Hall Q&A

Inc. hosted a live expert Q&A on what you need to know about the package and its $367 billion program for small businesses.

Provided by U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Inc.

Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce Webinar

The Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce recently hosted a webinar with U.S. Senator John Cornyn about the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act), the Phase III coronavirus response bill.

Provided by Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce

Fridays are for Founders Forum: What Entrepreneurs Should Be Doing Now

The DEC Network CEO Bill Chinn talks with Fridays are for Founders hosts, Trey Bowles and Delanie Majors about what entrepreneurs can do now, to prepare for tomorrow during COVID-19. From connecting with mentors virtually, widening your network, utilizing the herd mentality, and strategies for facing adversity, this chat is full of takeaways you can implement in your small business tomorrow.

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Fridays are for Founders Forum: The Creative Process That Will Help Your Business Post-COVID

On this week’s Fridays Are For Founders, Trey Bowles and Delanie Majors from The DEC Network talk with Cameron Gawley Co-Founder and CEO of BuzzShift. They talk about the creative process needed to help respond to the pandemic and what this should mean for your business moving forward post-coronavirus and into the future.

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